27 November 2014


I've been looking forward to this day for what feels like the entire year, but really my excitement for Thanksgiving day started last month. This is the first time in years where I am not working on Turkey day. Even more special is that my mother is also not working today. There are so many things that I'm thankful for, it's simply a blessing to have woken up today. Life may not be perfect but then again neither am I. Now that I have a break from work, my hope is to finish up quite a few of the projects languishing on my needles. Time had been in limited supply for knitting but nevertheless I've found moments to squeeze it in. I knit everywhere now, from the train to the doctor's office. No place is off limits.
Since my last post I've finished an item or two. First up is a hat requested by a former co-worker. She saw this hat and requested one for herself but in a different colour. Unlike past requests, she wanted her hat to be made from machine washable wool. Easy care maintenance. I love making hats I just don't enjoy making the same style more than once in a row. It takes away from the process. Surprisingly, however; I didn't experience boredom this time. Maybe, it was the softness of the wool blend I chose or the colour or maybe it was the fact that it kept me company on the train. I'm not quite sure why I didn't balk from picking my needles up to knit the hat. I'm just happy I enjoyed the process.

The long brim gives the wearer many styling options. Winter temperatures shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice being fashionable.

The recipient loves the hat. She sent this picture with her wearing it. I think it looks good on her.