30 July 2014

Prayers Needed

It has been an emotional couple of days in my neck of the woods. I recently learnt that a family member of mine is on life support. The situation has affected us greatly. Bringing up memories of other loved ones who passed away. How does one cope in these kinds of situations? I have been praying but i must confess I don't know what result to pray for...I ask for her suffering to end but her life to be speared but I know that's selfish. I ask for peace in accepting the transition that is inevitable but I know we (the family) can't accept this....I am lost and worried and scared. It was just two months ago we experienced the lost of her brother and now here we are two months later crying tears of pain just at the thought that she will be next. I know that God has a plan and HIS WILL will be done. It doesn't make it any less emotional though. I have tried not to share my personal live on here but this one can't be avoided. Hold your loved tight...tell them every chance you get that they matter, that they are loved...please say a prayer for my cousin

Thank You,

24 July 2014

Knitting gone wrong or did it???????

Last week I was fretting and complaining and moaning about my most two recent FOs being hideous. Am I being a bit too critical? Maybe...I still don't care too much for this hat. However, the other hat has stopped looking hideous.

Looking at it now I can't remember what it is that I didn't like....I am not seeing the mistakes I made. I am not complaining this time around either. Lesson:- sometimes we have to give ourselves time and distance away from our projects in order to see beyond the mistake.

I love the polka dots. Thinking of other colour combos for the next one I will knit. What I love most about this pattern is how fast it knitted up. Baby/toddler items always make me feel like a fast knitter.

Don't you just love the back of this hat? I do

What to do when you have nothing to block your hat? Use a balloon and a vase. These are the moments I feel like watching Macgyver paid off :)

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16 July 2014

When Knitting Goes Wrong

All good things must come to an end....apparently my knitting streak is one of those things. It has been awhile since I have knitted Something that came off my needles full of visible mistakes. This week it happened twice!!! I don't know what is going on but whatever it is it certainly needs to stop. First up is a cabled hat I made. I love the pattern, I've seen some beautiful hats on ravelry made from said pattern. Mine, however, didn't make the cut. The yarn didn't take well to the pattern- this is always a sure sign of disaster about to happen- but me being stubbornly optimistic ignored the warnings and continued knitting. The hat came out smaller than the intended size. Before you ask, I didn't take gauge. I never do for hats- no judging- had I done so though the hat wouldn't be so snug. My tension was all over the place. I messed up certain sections of the cable. Sighs. All in all it was just one big giant mess.

If you look closely at the second and fourth picture you will see the mistakes....it is annoying me but I refuse to rip it apart. I know when the weather gets cold I wouldn't care too much about the mistakes. Butttttttt until then I will be glaring at this hat every time I see it.....

I did mention two flawed finished items...I will write up another post of the second hat later this week after it's finished drying.

11 July 2014

Flashback Friday

It has been several years since my first knitting lesson....since that time I have been many hats and bags and some scarves...Yet pictures of those finished items are far and few in between. It never occurred to me that one day I would want to look at what I have done and even compare the progress I have been a long the way. I am much better at it now-thank God for sites like Ravelry and Instagram. Imagine, my surprise this week when my ex showed me a black and grey scarf I knitted for him a few years ago. I was shocked that he still had it but even more surprised that it looked better than I remembered it looking. Sure he has never washed it and there is some pilling, but after almost 9 years it has held up pretty nicely.

Close up of the scarf

Pattern was a basic 1x1 rib. Two strands of either patons classic merino or their classic worsted wool (don't remember) held doubled throughout. It's comforting to know that things I made so long ago are not only still being used but are still appreciated.

It's so thick...perfect for the harsh winter we just had .... If only he would wash it!!! Lol

Happy Friday :)

06 July 2014

No more second guessing

In my last two posts I shared with you thst my friend commissioned me to make three hats for him. I had sole creative control over style, yarn type and colour. Initially, I was thrilled but panic soon followed. I must admit that I loved each hat after I was finished. I still doubted whether the hat would complement my friend's personality....sure we're friends and yes I have a fair idea of his style but it's different when you're making something. There's an emotional investment in each project that can't quite be explained... In short I can be sensitive and protective of my work. Which artist isn't right? I knew for the last hat, I wanted to make another grey fusion hat...I am loving colour work knits now....even more fantastic was I did more stash busting....this is the first time in ages where I didn't buy yarn specifically for a project. Progress? Lol my wallet thinks seems to think so

I made a few changes to the hat....the brim was a bit longer than the pattern's specifications. Also (unintentionally), I did not knit two rounds of stockinette in the contrasting colour before and after the stranded work....It worked out well though. As my mom would say " every spoil is a style"

I am still getting the hang of putting on my labels...

I am happy I didn't give up or give into my self doubts for this challenge. The hats were well worth the hassle I put myself through

I will surely be trusting my instincts going forward. It's time I just embrace that my work is good...there's nothing wrong with pushing myself but I have to remember it's just as important to acknowledge and highlight my talents.

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