26 June 2014

Meet Summer

In my last post I mentioned that one of my friend's commissioned me to make three hats for him. The process hasn't been easy due solely to my own second guessing. The second hat was easy. I knew I wanted something that isn't " traditionally male" for the colour. Something bright and happy....something that will remind you summer in those cold rigid winter days. What better colour than yellow? I had just the right shade of it in my stash...cascade 220 in goldenrod. I think cascade is my absolute favourite go to brand. It really is an incredible workhorse yarn. After going through my favourite patterns in ravelry (it's A LOT) I decided to finally stop admiring Jane Richmond's patterns and just purchase one. I settled on Kathleen and went to work. The knit was easy and quick. I must admit I had some trouble reminding myself when to twist and when to not twist my stitches. Ravelry project page can be found here

20 June 2014

FO:- Ribs Delight

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to make three hats for a male friend. I was told that I could select any colour I wanted as well as style. This made me very happy....for about two seconds. It sounded good...great actually until I became overwhelmed with second guessing every decision I made. For some reason I couldn't get pass my own self doubt. I even caved in and asked my friend for his input....that only led to several unnecessary arguments. I finally settled on a vintage cashmere ribbed beanie pattern. It spoke to me. It had everything I wanted for the first hat:- simple design. Didn't have any cashmere or cashmere blend yarn in my stash. Instead I settled on

The yarn was easy on my hands.

The hat looked smaller than it is...I made a few mods to the pattern. Pleased with the results

Ravelry project page can be found here
One down two to go....I've already casted on hat #2

Summer officially starts tomorrow....my knitting maybe taking a backseat to the sun....have a happy weekend!!!!!

11 June 2014

Work In Progress:- Edgewater Socks

Since I've started knitting I've enjoyed knitting for others more than I do for myself. But every now and then I get the urge to make something for myself. After modeling the socks I knitted for my mom I fell in love with Handknit socks. I now understand the obsession :)

So naturally I had to have my own pair. This presented the perfect opportunity to do some stash busting. I settled on this beauty I received in a grab bag a few years ago.

I've never knitted with Lorna's laces before and I'm excited to say the least. I love the colours together. It has a few of my favourite shades. The yarn is Lorna's laces shepherd sock multi in the edge water colourway.

I am thankful for the socks with Sarah kal, it's been instrumental in my venture into the hand knitting socks world

05 June 2014

Steady wins the race

Nope this post is not about a race of any kind but instead it's about socks. A few months ago, I casted on these bad boys. It was my first time working with sock yarn. I have a few skeins of them but never felt the urge to knit anything with them...not until the socks with Sarah kal. I learnt a new technique and a ton of patience. There were days when I ignored them, when the colours got on my nerves, when I didn't care for the pattern or the yarn. Don't even get me started on second sock syndrome. All in all it was worth it. I am happy that I stuck with it.

They aren't exactly identical but my mom could care less. She's just thrilled she gets another pair of socks :)

01 June 2014

FO:- grey fusion hat

A few days ago in the middle of me working on another project I had the urge to revisit a hat I made a few years ago. Since I have started knitting I tend to shy away from doing colour work. I LOVE seeing other knitters display their colour work projects. Secretly wishing that I could do that...I've tried a few times and the result was always the same...horrible. I would settle for doing a stripe here and there but never too much because I have yet to master jobless stripes. But something in me was screaming that I try again. I couldn't ignore the urge much longer. With some leftover yarn and a new attitude I casted on grey fusion. I used the leftover yarn from Charlie, Mary Jane and Greyhaven to make this hat. I love it. I followed the pattern to a T and it came out better than I could have hoped for.

Inside of the hat

Closer look at the lining