06 April 2014

Walk down memory lane

My journey into the world of handcrafts started with crochet. My first project was a 19" doily made from j&p coats thread with a 1.25mm milward hook. In retrospect I wouldn't start off with that as a first time project. Back then I knew no limitations and just wanted to learn. My poor finger went through some painful experiences all in the quest to make chains, single crotchets and double crotchets. It was worth it though. I fell in love and there was no going back to a world of wishing and hoping I could one day "make stuff". Ninety nine percent of the patterns I had access too were doilies. I wasn't internet savvy then either. What does a Guyanese girl living in a Guyana in 2000 do in such a situation? Create her own designs of course!!! Bags were my favourite thing to make. I couldn't make them fast enough. I didn't need a reason, season or rhyme to create one. I remembered one day I had a school fair to go to and wanted a bag to match my outfit. Smiles, a black clutch with an orange heart was born. I miss those days. It was a time of unbridled creativity and no second guessing. Just a pure desire to create. The love was real and fierce. Then I met knitting and another love affair began. Crochet took a back seat....creating my own designs disappeared from the horizon. Over the weekend though I did a little dabbling. I can be notoriously selective about what I choose to make and whom I choose to make them for. No one knows this better than Turks. She's dropped so many hints and made outright requests even offered to compensate me for making different items. The results are always the same:- a different way of saying no! Lol. I laugh now as I write this because I can just imagine what she's going to say when she reads this. Anywaysssss, a few days ago she asked ( she's persistent) me to make a simple bag for her passport. I am in the middle of three projects, the last thing I need is a request for something else. Did I mention she wanted it by yesterday? Yeah...the nerveeeee. I'm a slow knitter. I've admitted this to myself and accepted it. I wish I were one of those who could crank out sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, even houses at lightening speed. I'm not. I'm a turtle. A lightbulb went off, why not crochet the bag. I made quite a few bags back in the day that would satisfy her request. Hook in hand and some stash acrylic yarn, I allowed my fingers to guide me. I didn't over think it. I just went with the flow. No bells and whistles. The body was crocheted and the strap knitted (I-cord). It was like visiting an old long friend....I had nothing but good memories.


  1. "turks" (rolls twisted eye)06 April, 2014 22:37

    And the bag is perfect! Mia took it out and reminded me it's hers, or so she thinks. We'll be rocking our bags together! thanks again...it'll hold all the souvenirs from the different countries we'll (the bag and me) visit - *wink*

  2. I'd love to hear that convo between you and Mia when trip day comes. "My bag mommy"!