01 June 2014

FO:- grey fusion hat

A few days ago in the middle of me working on another project I had the urge to revisit a hat I made a few years ago. Since I have started knitting I tend to shy away from doing colour work. I LOVE seeing other knitters display their colour work projects. Secretly wishing that I could do that...I've tried a few times and the result was always the same...horrible. I would settle for doing a stripe here and there but never too much because I have yet to master jobless stripes. But something in me was screaming that I try again. I couldn't ignore the urge much longer. With some leftover yarn and a new attitude I casted on grey fusion. I used the leftover yarn from Charlie, Mary Jane and Greyhaven to make this hat. I love it. I followed the pattern to a T and it came out better than I could have hoped for.

Inside of the hat

Closer look at the lining


  1. This is beautiful! Good job! This is what happens when you conquer your fears and dive head first! #perfection T.KH

  2. Thank you!!! This year has been an exciting one for my knitting. I'm trying this I only thought would happen in my dreams. It's a beautiful feeling to create without fear :)