16 October 2014

Juggling Act

I have been a bad blogger. I have every intention of blogging but between being tired and trying to finish up my ongoing wips I just don't have the energy. This month is going at rapid speed but I am not complaining. This it's what I've asked the good Lord for and as the scripture said "ask you and you shall receive". Imust say though, that I have a newfound respect for other crafters who work full-time ave still find the time to actively create with passion. I hope to find that balance very soon. I am happy to report that I was able to finish two thirds of a hat package. It doesn't sound like much but right now I'm taking all the progress I can get. This is my second time making this hat but the first time making it after learning that I was twisting my stitches. I'm constantly amazed by the difference between making a project where the stitches are twisted and not twisted. It is like night and day.

The above picture is the hat done in twisted stitches. I still love it. It holds a special place in my knitting heart as it was the first baby beanie I ever made.
The second hat was done in the exact style and colour as well as size.

I got the opportunity to see it on the baby and boy oh boy he looked quite dapper in it if I do say so myself :). I'm loving the finished touches that my customized stamp adds to it.
Picture below is of the wrong side of the hat. Had I gotten a different label I would call this style reversible.

Until next time

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