26 August 2014

Merlot:- washed and blocked

My knitting is still off track. This week I've started the same hat four times and every single time I reach the same place in my knitting I unravel it. Sighs. Can't seem to make any real breakthrough. I'm also struggling with the sleeves for the cardigan I'm working on for my friend's daughter. Nothing is going right in my knitting. I think I know the reason behind all of the false starts and the hurdles. I will go into this more very very soon. In the meantime, I washed and blocked Merlot :)

If you look closely you'll notice that Merlot can be worn three ways :- 1) slouchy toque, 2) as a beanie with the brim turned up and 3) beanie with brim turned inwards.


  1. Don't give up now. You know what happens when we do right? So take a moment. Review and come again! Loving Merlot. The colour and style is amazing.

    I may be putting in my order for my winter toque sooner than later. :)

  2. I really do need to take a moment to get my head space right and on track.... @ winter toque :- just let me know when you're ready :)