07 August 2014

A week of WIPs

Over the last few years I have realized that I am a process knitter. I enjoy the entire process of creating a hand knitted item....for the most part (the process becomes less enjoyable for larger items) this is true. The last few weeks I have not had any completed projects. My head and heart aren't connected with my needles. It has been lots of knitting a row or two here and there. But every little counts right?

First work in progress is the Sawtelle sweater I started in March. Yup, I knowwwwwwwww it's now August. Sighs. What can I say

I am hoping it will be finished before Fall starts. Today I was able to finished the back and fronts. I had hoped to start the sleeves but my mind is having trouble following the directions. Instead I think I am going to knit the sleeves separately then attach. Fingers crossed that it doesn't take me another month or two to finish

Next up, is a hat I've been commissioned to make. I am feeling a tad bit "iffy" about this. I am not going to frog it or st least that's what I keep telling myself every time I pick up the needles to work on it. Oh did I mention this is another hat where I've been given total creative control? Yup...we all remember not so long ago how I stressed myself out in a similar situation. No second guessing this time.

Btw:- don't you just love my knitting bag? It's really a cosmetics bag but I'm all about converting. I absolutely love it. I picked it up from Michaels a few weeks ago. Can't beat a three for one deal :D

The final WIP is no longer a work in progress but rather a member of the frog committee. I do plan on remaking it. I love the yarn. Will talk about it in future posts

What are you working on this week? Do you ever have moments or phases where you just can't create?

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  1. Love the post Cee!! :)

    Like you I have some unfinished business in terms of sewing projects to complete. I even made a list. :) But like you said, the little bits do count.

    This week I am specifically working on a maxi skirt- I am adding it to a silent auction to raise funds for an overseas mission. So its all cut and prepped I just need to sew it up soon enough. :)

    Also I do have those moments where I am just not in the mood to create..lol I feel its not that we can't create but there is a pause you know. I don't know how to describe it. But like yourself I am pushing forward inspite opd. So even when I don't sit and sew a long haul I may undo a project, cut a pattern or iron a seam. :) The little do counts.

    Thanks again.. Loved this and needed it as a reminder.