26 September 2014

Bye-bye Week hello Weekend

One of the things about knitting that I am grateful for is the distraction from everyday life it offers. This week has been emotionally rough. Luckily, I had my needles and yarn to help me through. I finished two more hats. Normally, this would be great news but it isn't...see a few weeks ago Andi from My Sister's Knitter started a kal focused on completing WIPS casted on prior to the 1st Sept. You probably already guessed it:- the hats completed this week were not WIPs (works in progress). I completely ignored the other projects that have been neglected for weeks or months (Sawtelle cardigan) and started something new. Sighs. In my defense, I was under the spell of new yarn. Yarn is my kryptonite. I just couldn't pass up the urge to play with new friends.
The first project is for a swap I am taking part in. Will post pictures once my partner receives her package. I don't think she reads my blog but you never knowwwwwwww.
The other hat I can talk about. In my knitting process I create the yarn feels/looks heavenly and I can't resist or I see a design that I must try. It was the former for the second hat. I spotted bernat Mosiac during a yarn sale not too long ago. I had never worked with it before. The sample knits in the store caught my eyes and before I knew it I had two balls in the fantasy and calypso colourways. I knew because the yarn was striped and colourful I needed a simple design to highlight it.

I made a Pom-Pom from wool-ease in eggplant. I love the way it brings out the burgundy colour in the yarn. I see myself making a few more hats with Pom-poms :)

I definitely don't regret buying clover Pom-Pom makers. It's much better than the one I got a few years ago.

The hat is on the big side but that's ok with me.

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  1. Loved this. so True, Sewing is definitely my distraction and escape. But it is so worth it as you can relate with the knitting. I am still working on the work in progress. I got a few. oops. yet I made that scarf you saw on my blog in no time. oops. I am working on it. Time saving sewing to help me get through my projects.

    Totally enjoyed this post. The pom pom is so cute. :)