10 September 2014

Dabbling with Design

When I first learned how to crochet my exposure to patterns was limited to doilies (or centres as they are called in Guyana). As a result of this my imagination was my on overdrive and everything I made was from there. I lost my passion for creating my own designs once I picked up knitting needles and discovered all the beautiful patterns the internet had to offer. I figured now is as a good time as any for me to change that, don't you? I went through my stash and this microfiber screamed "pick me, pick me!"

This is my first time working with micro grande by SMC Schachenmayr. I wasn't sure what to make with it after it arrived in my mailbox. But I love the sheen it has. I thought it only appropriate that my first dabble into the world of hat design should showcase the yarn. The pattern is a simple one. It is a basic beanie that has some slouchy-ness to it.

I had planned on adding a pompom but changed my mind. The crown looked too cute to be hidden with a pompom. Maybe my next dabble will accommodate one.


  1. Love the look on the back. Not to mention the colour.

  2. Mustard is my new black. There's something about this colour that just makes me happy