20 March 2014

Something's in the Air

This week has been a slow one for my knitting....there was lots of time for me to work on my current projects but I just haven't been in the mood. Last night I did exactly one row on my fiesta socks....I started a hat only to frog it after the brim was completed. I knit on feeling....if it doesn't feel right, the pattern doesn't stir my creative juices, if the yarn doesn't scream knit me; I wouldn't be able to produce anything worthwhile. But today I got the perfect pick me up! A few weeks ago, I sent my friend a picture of a cardigan I thought would look absolutely adorable on her daughter. Turns out she loves the cardigan just as much as I do and offered to buy the yarn for me to make it for Mia. Order was placed on the 17th March.... Guess what was in my mailbox today?

Jimmybeanswool.com now has a fan in me. I've never received a package that quickly sent through standard shipping. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT! This will be my first time knitting with Berroco Remix. According to the label the yarn is 30% nylon, 27% cotton, 24% acrylic, 10% silk and 9% linen. Wool would normally be my go to choice but I wanted Something for Mia that would be easy to care for after a day of playing outdoors (we have a play date :)). Her mom selected pepper for the main colour and burnt orange for the trim. I love the texture...it's beautiful and TWEED!

I am excited to cast on...even the dreaded gauge swatch can't dampen my excitement

Pattern:- Sawtelle by Amanda Keep-Williams

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