22 May 2014

Counting to 100

I having one of those days where I want to scream.... Why? Let me explain. Last week I ordered yarn from craftsy. Diligently I have been tracking my order only to be informed that it was delivered today. So of course I quickly went downstairs to my mailbox and guess what was NOT there? My bloody package!!!! There I am looking at an empty mailbox....maybe it is there and I am not seeing it. Could be my vision has gotten progressively worst and I never noticed it. I hopped on my PC and did some investigating. Could someone explain to me why a package that is supposed to be delivered to brooklyn New York was delivered to an address somewhere in Charlestown,MA? I called UPS, the voice on the other end was quick to point out that they aren't responsible for this mishap. "We did the leg work ma'am, USPS is responsible for the second half of the delivery. Contact them". Sighs. I called the post office in Charlestown and was informed by the supervisor that the package that has the tracking number was indeed in their possession but it doe not have my name or shipping information on it. He suggested I call UPS again and let them know they have the wrong number attached to my package. By this time I have already emailed craftsy twice (there is no contact number for customer service on their website) and trying to control my frustration at being a shoved around by two agencies. I am pissed off. Let's see how long it will take for craftsy to get back to me.

Tired of counting

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