06 May 2014

The Year of Baby!!!

I've hardly knitted or crocheted for family members in the past. I'm sure I can probably count on one hand the times I've ever made anything for my extended family. It isn't because I don't want....most of my extended family live in Guyana and I'm now in New York...opportunities haven't always been available for much knitting for them. So when my oldest cousin asked me to make something for her newborn great-grandson I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. I didn't stick to the request (I hardly ever do :)) of making a bonnet and booties. I really wanted to make a cotton blend cardigan so of course that's what I made. The first attempt didn't turn out how I wanted it. I forgot to change to larger needles after completing the neck ribbing. The left button band is almost .5" longer than the right. I was in no mood to undo and re-knit. Plus I never pass up the opportunity to buy yarn. The second attempt was less traditional in colour. I chose red cotton ease yarn with yellow buttons. I wasn't sure about the combination but I was relieved it looked good together.

More information on each project can be found here and here

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