16 July 2014

When Knitting Goes Wrong

All good things must come to an end....apparently my knitting streak is one of those things. It has been awhile since I have knitted Something that came off my needles full of visible mistakes. This week it happened twice!!! I don't know what is going on but whatever it is it certainly needs to stop. First up is a cabled hat I made. I love the pattern, I've seen some beautiful hats on ravelry made from said pattern. Mine, however, didn't make the cut. The yarn didn't take well to the pattern- this is always a sure sign of disaster about to happen- but me being stubbornly optimistic ignored the warnings and continued knitting. The hat came out smaller than the intended size. Before you ask, I didn't take gauge. I never do for hats- no judging- had I done so though the hat wouldn't be so snug. My tension was all over the place. I messed up certain sections of the cable. Sighs. All in all it was just one big giant mess.

If you look closely at the second and fourth picture you will see the mistakes....it is annoying me but I refuse to rip it apart. I know when the weather gets cold I wouldn't care too much about the mistakes. Butttttttt until then I will be glaring at this hat every time I see it.....

I did mention two flawed finished items...I will write up another post of the second hat later this week after it's finished drying.

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