06 July 2014

No more second guessing

In my last two posts I shared with you thst my friend commissioned me to make three hats for him. I had sole creative control over style, yarn type and colour. Initially, I was thrilled but panic soon followed. I must admit that I loved each hat after I was finished. I still doubted whether the hat would complement my friend's personality....sure we're friends and yes I have a fair idea of his style but it's different when you're making something. There's an emotional investment in each project that can't quite be explained... In short I can be sensitive and protective of my work. Which artist isn't right? I knew for the last hat, I wanted to make another grey fusion hat...I am loving colour work knits now....even more fantastic was I did more stash busting....this is the first time in ages where I didn't buy yarn specifically for a project. Progress? Lol my wallet thinks seems to think so

I made a few changes to the hat....the brim was a bit longer than the pattern's specifications. Also (unintentionally), I did not knit two rounds of stockinette in the contrasting colour before and after the stranded work....It worked out well though. As my mom would say " every spoil is a style"

I am still getting the hang of putting on my labels...

I am happy I didn't give up or give into my self doubts for this challenge. The hats were well worth the hassle I put myself through

I will surely be trusting my instincts going forward. It's time I just embrace that my work is good...there's nothing wrong with pushing myself but I have to remember it's just as important to acknowledge and highlight my talents.

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  1. This post is so on point Cee. I appreciate this. I am currently working on a challenge myself for a friend and had the same thoughts go through my head about what I am doing. I know you have been doing this longer ... but second guessing should be far from our minds as we progress.

    BTW the hands are awesome.. Great JOB!!!!


  2. It is so much easier to make things for myself but once someone asks and says "make whatever you like" the self doubt steps in....it's annoying...but I am working on pushing pass it. I have to...I have another order that gives me total control....guess God is saying I still have lessons to learn in this area lol