30 July 2014

Prayers Needed

It has been an emotional couple of days in my neck of the woods. I recently learnt that a family member of mine is on life support. The situation has affected us greatly. Bringing up memories of other loved ones who passed away. How does one cope in these kinds of situations? I have been praying but i must confess I don't know what result to pray for...I ask for her suffering to end but her life to be speared but I know that's selfish. I ask for peace in accepting the transition that is inevitable but I know we (the family) can't accept this....I am lost and worried and scared. It was just two months ago we experienced the lost of her brother and now here we are two months later crying tears of pain just at the thought that she will be next. I know that God has a plan and HIS WILL will be done. It doesn't make it any less emotional though. I have tried not to share my personal live on here but this one can't be avoided. Hold your loved tight...tell them every chance you get that they matter, that they are loved...please say a prayer for my cousin

Thank You,


  1. God is in charge of the situation whatever the outcome. He is still God. Know that.

    May he continue to bless and keep your family.


  2. Thanks Utu, sad to say a few days after posting this my cousin passed away on her own. I am still in disbelief.