11 January 2014

Not According To Plan

Hey blogland!!!! Happy 2014... It seems like forever since I've been online for more than two minutes at a time. Forever equates to two weeks in real time. Unfortunately for me and a few selected  verizon customers we were on the receiving end of some kind of cable outage that happened just before the end of 2013. Thank heavens for those kind souls who had open wifi signals :). It feels wonderful to be back in cyber world. During my forced hiatus I took it upon myself to create a New Years resolution knit list of sorts. To be honest it was more of a recycling of a resolutions list. For as long as I have been knitting I've been intimidated by the idea of making a sweater/ cardigan. I spend hours on ravelry perusing sweater patterns...reading them through to make sure they are simple enough for me to do....I spend even more time admiring the finished product of so many talented knitters and every year I say this is the year I join the club. But just as quickly as I give myself the pep talk I weasel out of it. Well.NOT. ANYMORE. I don't care how long it takes me I am going to knit a sweater or cardigan before the year is over. No quitting. No second guessing. No stopping. I have casted on Lady Kina

Yarn:- malabrigo worsted in azul profundo

I love the feel of this yarn. So soft and squishy. 

I just realized I made a mistake....two.....I'm still not going to stop. Back to the needles before the mojo disappears. Hope your New Years brings you everything you desire

- Cee

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