26 January 2014

Sunday catch-up

Is it just me or does Sundays take forever and a day to come but moves like quicksilver .... I could do with a few more hours before Monday begins. It's safe to say I am experiencing a case of weekend over blues.... Even though I haven't blogged in a few days I have been knitting everyday....PROGRESSSSS. Lady kina is coming along slowly but surely. I have completed the sleeves and the body is being worked on it. I've been singing the "I'm a slow knitter" tune a lot recently but it wasn't until a few days ago I realized that my limited progress has nothing to do with my speed but rather it is to be blamed on my current living room situation. Long story short our old living room furniture was thrown out last month. We ordered a new sofa, loveseat and chair which all happened to be on back order. Delivery was confirmed yesterday....I was thrilled....until I got home and was told that the chairs were taken back to the store because they couldn't fit through the passage way..... It is not fun in the least sitting on the floor without any back support while knitting. It is frustrating the amount of times I have started a row or two and couldn't finish without putting the needles down to stretch my back. I know some of you are probably shaking your heads saying " you could knit in bed" and that seems like a pretty good place to knit. Just not for me. I like my bed to be just for sleeping or looking at Netflix. Fingers and toes crossed that the new set that is supposed to arrive this coming Wednesday has no problems getting into my home. Besides knitting the cardigan I have been working on my secret swap
Unblocked Dolce:- as I type this the hat below is being blocked on a dinner plate
I hope my swap partner likes it. I decided to make her stitch markers
Hope you have a great week ahead of you.....remember there's a positive in every situation

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