15 January 2014

Trip to michaels

It's 2:30 pm and I am on a local train heading to my little corner of New York. Today was an interesting day for me. Woke up feeling well rested and on top of the world. Decided to take a trip to michaels. This is where the day went wrong. Here's something you don't know about me:- 
I LOVE michaels. And even more than my love for michaels is my love for stationery. For the last several months I've been on a self imposed ban from michaels. I would ignore their daily emails. Wouldn't go to the store. I was doing great ..... Until today. I went in with a game plan. Ahh how naive I was to believe that a plan in michaels would be effective. But I had forgotten how much money I had spent on all those twice a month "I just have to have this one thing" excursions to the craft giant. I went in there believing that I would be buying some stuff for a Super secret spy swap that I'm participating in as well as yarn for a baby project. Just as I was about to enter the store I received a message canceling the baby knits request. My mind quickly went "oh guess this means I can now buy even more stuff" rather than check for the items for swap partner, head straight to register and leave. Nope nope nope. Instead I spent 2hours and 30minutes walking up and down the aisles. The layout had changed since my last trip. I don't know if it was during the trip down the yarn aisle or maybe it was the dive in the stationery section where I completely lost sight of why and who I was there for. Sighs. I had the best of intentions but "swap partner" quickly turned into "I need this in my life" and before I could tell you my name and today's date I was piling everything into my cart. It was just yesterday I went through a similar incident at my lys (local yarn store).
Hi my name is Cee and I am a selfish unfocused easily distracted shopper. I need helppppppp. In the meantime I am off to dream of a land where yarn and notions and stationery are free.


  1. Michael's is a dangerous place. Lol. I am sure you can justify all that you bought.

    Love of Cuteness

    1. I definitely can justify which makes it twice as hard. What's even worse is being back home and realizing the items I took out my basket do have a purpose in my apartment :(