03 February 2014

Sourpuss Mondays

Beginning my work week with a snowy walk to the subway station, battling between trying not to fall on my butt and seeing through fogged up spectacles is not my idea of a good time but in my almost 13 years living in NYC I've learnt that Mother Nature will do what she has to and so must I. This winter has been like a guest who doesn't seem to realize they are over staying their welcome. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I have gotten that off my chest we can chat about what I've done so far. My friend came over this weekend and I had her pose in the cardigan. It really helped seeing it on a body and not just moving from ziplock bag to my hand and back. It's coming a long.
I've also casted on a pair of socks This is my first time using the magic loop method. I made a list of knitting goals for this year and learning new techniques is #2 on the list. Making socks from yarn below
I've also casted on another Rikke in worsted weight wool. Until next time -Cee

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