26 February 2014

Monkey love

My knitting needles have been very busy this week. I'm trying to keep up with the amount of things I keep adding to my "must make list"...the rate at which I keep adding items I doubt I will ever finish all my ravelry queue. Hmmmm maybe that can be my goal for next year. I completed the cardigan for my friend's newborn. It came out better than I expected. The buttons added just the right amount of pizzazz. I couldn't be happier.
Project info can be found here I see myself making a few more of these in the future. Very quick and easy knit. I must confess that making this has me strongly considering opening my own etsy shop. Will be doing my research in the coming weeks. I think the socks maybe a tad larger than I wanted it to be but that's ok. He will grow into it.
Project info can be found here With the leftover yarn I am going to make another golden pear. Not sure if I will do multi colours or knit in the heathered brown. The stash will decide. I am happy to report that last night I spent some of my knitting time working on my own cardigan. It is a struggle. I have much respect and admiration for sweater knitters. I'm not one of them but that's ok too. Now that I'm not twisting my stitches anymore I am seeing a difference in the cardigan. If it wasn't for the fact that I have already invested so much time and energy into it I would frog and restart. Not going to happen. As my mom would say "every spoil is a style.

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