06 February 2014

Off the hook

This week has been a fairly decent one where my creativity is concerned. Eight years ago I started crocheting a shawl but I never finished it. I moved twice during that time period. The shawl moved from bag to bag; being stuffed into whatever space was available at the time. Fast forward to this week...what did I spy in my closet? The shawl! I sorted through my printed crochet patterns and what do you know, I still had the copy I printed out eight years ago. I didn't have enough of the cotton yarn to make it to the pattern's finished measurements. It didn't matter because truth is even if I had enough material I would have found a reason to wait another eight years to finish it. Instead I did a border of single crochet around what I had done so far. Very happy my fingers still remembered how to hold a hook lol
Dolce is completely finished and ready to be shipped off to my swap partner.

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