28 February 2014

Fridays Are For Gift Giving

TGIF!!! I wish tomorrow was my day off but alas it isn't. Not complaining- more like brief grumbling. Yesterday I put together the package for Turks-I have nicknames for my friends- Turks recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy. I am yet to meet him but nevertheless I was very excited to gift him with a few handknits. Winter has been brutal to New York this season..... I figured a cardigan, pair of socks and two hats would help him nice and warm. The golden pear is now my go too pattern for a last minute baby gift. I love everything about it. It's fast...speedy Gonzalez fast and super adorable. This time round I didn't follow the stranded design in the pattern. I did a simple stripe. I love how everything look together. Fingers crossed that they fit. We will find out soon enough!!!
The tag captures my frame of mind for 2014. My package arrived in tact to my swap partner. I am not sure if she likes what I put together but I certainly had a blast doing it. Her favourite colour is yellow....I made Dolce in cascade 220's goldenrod. I included handmade stitch markers, calendars, bath salts, one of my favourite soaps (it smells like chocolate and has hazelnuts in it for exfoliating), yarn, tea, needle gauge etc etc.....
Looking forward to participating in more swaps. It's the only time I will probably ever get anything related to knitting as a gift lol I almost forgot to tell you what I treated myself to recently! I finally bought myself a project bag! I love LOVEEEE it. Why did it take me so long to buy one? My only regret isn't buying two the same day. I already have a few lined up for another random treat myself day. Happy Weekend!!!

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