20 February 2014

Secret Swaps and Uneven Sleeves

Today has been an exciting one for me. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was taking part in a super secret spy swap? Welllllll guess who received their package today? Meeeee. I've never participated in a swap before and I must admit it was thrilling seeing a box with my name on it knowing it will be filled with yarn related goodies.
My swap partner who lives in Austria sent me a hand knitted project bag (she read on my ravelry profile that I use ziplock bags to store my WIPs). I wasted no time in putting lady kina in it. Yes, lady kina (My first sweater/cardigan) is still in progress. The bag is beautiful and she even lined it. Also, included is a notions bag made from matching material as the lining. She even sent chocolate from Austria! I'm trying my hardest to not over indulge....I'm slowly losing the battle lol In other knitting relating news:- today I decided to order new knitting labels that will include my blog. I am usually very shy and private and don't advertise or promote my site. But it's time I change that....I'm excited. I also treated myself to a project bag!!!! I am way overdue for one. I realized today that I have no trouble spending money on others but when it comes to myself I can generally come up with a logical explanation for why I don't need something. I like being frugal but every now and then it's nice to do something just for me. Last night I finished this for my friend's darling little bundle. In a rush to cast off I ended up making a silly mistake. I'm still shaking my head asking how I didn't see it before I snipped the yarn and soak the cardigan. Ughhhhh my eyes definitely played tricks on me last night that's for sure. The left sleeve is a few inches shorter than the right. As soon as it is dried I have to fix it.
In the meantime, I have casted on another project. A friend asked if I could make something for her friend's two month old. It seems like this is the year I do more baby knitting than any other year so far.

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